walking down memory lane..

I woke up late this morning not because I was too tired nor because I was still sleepy but because I just didn’t feel like getting out of bed. I was awake the whole time my sister and brother started boxing stuff and pulling out things from the cabinets and the lazy me just didn’t want to help out yet. Oh yes what a bum I was, and still am.

When my conscience started bugging me, I finally stood up and helped, a little. Kat, my sister, managed to pull everything from up the cabinets in our room including the christmas tree that were neatly placed inside huge tupperwares (lol) and all the papers (quiz papers, essays, and the like) that I’ve kept since gradeschool pa ata. Then she saw my old palanca letters from senior year. I was surprised and happy to see those kasi all the palanca letters I kept drowned in Ondoy flood last year and I thought that nothing was left. I love reading those pa naman. Those letters always had their way of making me feel special even for just a while. Good thing today, I learned that at least I have a few more left to re-read. Unfortunately, some of those letters, those written by my closest friends even were not there anymore. Marion’s 3-part letter was even missing the 2nd part kaya it was bitin. Boy, how I miss my high school life–mostly the annual retreats and field trips and laugh trips and handwritten letters.

Well aside from those, we also found…my father’s love letters for my mother. We actually found those a few years back, but when we told mama about them, she kept them hidden again, until today. I wanted to read all of them but when I read this letter which was about a fight they had, I lost interest because I didn’t want to go back to that time when they were going through a rough patch. The paper was even smudged (with tears I think). It was so sad and heavy, I didn’t finish reading it. Good thing is that when our parents got home and told them about those, they just kept on laughing the whole time (probably of the mushiness and cheesiness of it all).

Those may be the cheesiest things I ever saw but the photos we found would probably top all the things we found today. Almost all were like printed in sepia mode. Boys were wearing bell bottom jeans and had long hair! But the best photo out of the bunch would most definitely be the one where my father was in a fake fight with some of his college classmates. At first, I thought that it’s fake. Who would take a picture of a fistfight? but as I looked at it clearly, I began to doubt that it wasn’t true. Good thing when my father saw it, he explained that it was just for their photography class and they had to pose as if they were in a fight. I’ll post those later when he scans them! Oh What a trip down memory lane…

P.S. Another funny thing I learned today was I didn’t know my father grew his hair up to his shoulders, almost looking like a girl!

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