It always comes to this whenever I create a new blog. I’d have to post a “mic test… mic test.. 1..2…3..” entry because I’m too excited to post an entry even if I don’t have anything in mind to write about yet… w-w-wait, scratch that!

I have something to tell pala. A few hours ago, yes, hours, I just saw the first korean movie after a very, very, long, longtime.. Well, being in school entitles you to a lot of work. No time for play. You see, every school year, I turn into a full time zombie. Sort of just living to get a decent grade type, not the whole gory, cannibalistic type. Anywhooo, as I was saying, since I missed out on a lot of things–movies, books, tv shows, computer games, I immersed myself into doing as much pleasurable activities as possible. What I didn’t realize is that I’m forgetting one relevant thing. It should be part of my summer agenda to watch korean tv shows/movies and I completely forgot because I was too hooked on new tv shows such as MODERN FAMILY (which is HILARIOUS) and LIFE UNEXPECTED (which is just LOVELY)! But today, May 12, 2010, I was able to watch the first ever korean movie I’ve seen in a long time (like I said a while ago), courtesy of MYSOJU!

Thanks to google, I found a similar poster. It is entitled “HELLO SCHOOLGIRL”, if you can’t read Korean. I’m not so good with writing synopses so I’ll just share a few notes about the movie:
  • The actors were all good looking!
  • It showed “age-doesn’t-matter” love affairs
  • It had a very simple, light and happy storyline (not so much drama in it)
  • The girl from coffee prince was the other lead girl (2nd from the right–poster)
  • It had a great soundtrack!

I told you I was bad at it, but at least I didn’t give away so much spoilers! Anyway, I just enjoyed this movie. Hoping to watch another one tomorrow in between packing/boxing stuff. Well, look at the time, it’s 12:30am already! it’s past my bedtime(12mn). I really should start sleeping early so Good night!

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