errand girl…

Lately, I’ve been the errand girl of the family. I do grocery runs, color/cellophane my sister’s and mother’s hair and now, I’m supposed to buy breakfast food like tocino and longganisa because my sister goes back to school today! Plus, I need to exchange my father’s pants with a larger waistline size at the mall. When I said I wanted to go to Pasig Palengke to go shopping for school shoes and plain v-neck shirts, everyone wanted me to buy for them too.

Okay, scratch that, those aren’t as much errands but I think I like this as much as I hate it. I hate doing errands on such a scorching weather but, I still love it because I’m doing something new and I get to go out. Probably, another reason why I must love doing this is because I won’t get to do this for a long time for my family again. School starts in two weeks and with all the fuss going on on facebook, I think that we are all going to be busy. First shift of duty for the first sem would be from Thursdays to Saturdays 2p-9p!!! Will I still even get to go home on weekends (and with all the renovations and sooper sikip na apartment)? Papahirapan ko pa sila lahat. I’ll just try as much as possible to go home on Wednesdays (free day) since duty the next day will start at 2 pa naman. I’ll be going back to washing my underwear at the dorm, and bring my clothes to the laundromat for washing.

Hay, I hope to get by with a little help from my friends… hahaha corny. and with help from GOD of course and my family! I will miss them!!

Yesterday, after hearing mass at the Cainta church, we went to Sta. Lucia (naku, I should get used to being a true blood Cainta-er even though we’ve lived here for more than a decade already) to chill and eat lunch. I got to buy a new pair of school shoes! Finally. It’s sooper flat (just how I wanted) and with a big gem on top. I thought I would be able to buy the comfy shoes I’ve been ogling for years at Figlia pero somehow, it just wouldn’t be available for me. bakit ganun? Nung sale sa mega, its price was only P499 from P999. So I asked for my size, only to find out that it’s the last pair na pala (size 5), and to think we all (papa, mama, kat) waited for the sooper bagal na salesclerk. Sale kasi kaya mega gulo rin.

Btw, I went to Chris’ house last Friday for gameboard night part 2! Yay! Finally! I had so much fun and ate a lot of pulutan (Tostitos Lime + SPinach dip). I promise I’d buy this deadly combo too. I saw it na sa grocery yesterday! hahah! kaya lang mashadong mahal! Next time, Next time. We played twister, pinoy henyo, scrabble with the gang (Chris, her bros Topher and Carlos, Juci, Jan and Lou!) Also, when the kids finally retired, and Jan’s mom went to get her, Chris, Juci and I had a lot to talk about and I was soooo touched by what they said. Sa amin nalang. haha. I love them. Really. They are the friends I’d hold on to talaga til the end. Also, yesterday, we went to Wilcon to look for new tiles in our rooms! Yay! Kat and I opted for the dark-wood-like tiles. Andaming made in China na Wood tiles sooper ganda! Si Jus din wanted dark-colored tiles. I’m so excited to design our room when the renovations finish in September. Can’t wait!!!

Anyway, I’ll try to be more productive these coming weeks or should I say last weeks of summer? I need to finish na Harry Potter so I can read my school books na! hahahha!
P.S. Kat and I would be buying PunchDrunkPanda comfy shoes for a lower price! Yay!!! Will be adding those to our list of things to buy!

Being productive… not really.. just bored.

Having limited access to the internet these past days made me watch more tv, play more video games, watch more movies, read more ebooks, cook more breakfast, lunch or merienda, do grocery shopping, sweep dirt, play even more guitar songs and sing, sleep and lots more. I’m telling you, these aren’t exactly withdrawal symptoms of internet addiction, though I’m glad that somehow I can still manage without having to check latest celebrity blog entries, tweets or friends’ plurks, my cafe and updates on FB, or the latest pictures and picture quotes on tumblr. I used to just sleep, wake up, surf the net, eat brunch, surf more, take a bath, surf more, eat dinner, surf, surf and sleep again. The cycle went on and on and before we know it, our electric bill has soared high enough to top all monthly bills for the past 10 years (I guess).

So yeah, lately I’ve been more productive, if you call sleeping longer hours and waking up to eat more food being productive. Somehow, I’ve been out of our bedroom (because it’s just so fr**king hot on the second floor) more than 50% of the time. Also, I’ve finished 1 ebook for less than half a day (because I was so bored and it was plain kakakilig) and I’ve watched a lot of movies (not on my computer!!!), I’ve finally learned a song intro to PLUCK on the guitar (who knew honor society’s where are you now lang pala ang pinakamadaling tabs ever in the whole world? besides the harry potter theme! haha), cut another pambahay shirt to make it more presko to wear (which was awesomely cute?!) and hey I don’t even have anything to do with this but for the sake of putting all things new for the past days, IT RAINED TODAY!! which helped drop a few digits on the temperature (hopefully)!! Currently, I’m reading HP book 7, will try to clean up the clutter on my desktop, will do a little cleaning (bedroom-next week), will try to read academic books and a lot more. I’m hoping I could go online from time to time (again, thanks to globe’s super surf).

There is a little more than 2 weeks before school starts and I want to make something out of this summer break besides staying up til it’s almost bright again outside. I really want to open my nursing books and so I would definitely fix my schedule and hope that it’s not yet too late! Tomorrow, hopefully I get to sleep over at Chris’ together with my barakada again! I’m looking forward to plain childish fun times again! adios!

BTW, the GAGA episode of GLEE is just brilliant, the clothes and all! I watched it once on tv, once on Kat’s computer and once on tv and computer at the same time (yeah I was so happy I got to synch the computer to the TV!) so babaw. ALSO, Lee Dewyze is the 9th American Idol and Simon Cowell says bye bye! This season ender was just so beautiful. Lots of great artists like Hall and Oates, Christina Aguilera, Chicago and Bee Gees! Plus they got to put the Idols from almost all the different seasons together (almost since Dave Cook wasn’t there, I wonder why). Anyhow, til I get money to load into this thing again! adios…again!


I just really need to do a quickie. Nope, this isn’t the quickie you’re thinking about, you, greenminded, you. This is actually a quick and brief entry since I’ve missed surfing the internet. I haven’t been online for the past couple of days because we MOVED, but we can’t bring our landline and dsl with us. Good thing people invented wireless broadbands! At least I can still go online from time to time, but not for a whole day anymore. Maybe one of these days, my siblings and I could plan on going to mega (for free aircon and wifi!). maybe lang. kakatamad lumabas ng bahay pag commute eh!

As I was saying, we moved to a much smaller and hotter place, but I think I’m getting used to sleeping on a bed with no bed frames and with manang in the same room. After all we’ve been here since Tuesday. That’s 4 days ago and so I’m getting the hang of this whole thing. We live in a 3 door apartment and ours is the last one. It’s got a red door (so one tree hill) and 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The kitchen/dining room reeks of human waste and we think we know why. The stairs have steep and narrow steps and the bathroom is like about half of our (small na ngang) bathroom at home. Anyway, so much of the bad stuff. It can’t be that bad right? Maybe I’m exaggerating since i’m not yet through adjusting but here are a few advantages to this new place: First, we moved much closer to the highway, meaning, no more long, crowded and bumpy tricycle rides. Second, everything seemed much like walking distance from our apartment (the mall, the salon, internet shops, sari-sari store, market etc etc) and so we can save a lot of money for 4 months.

Aside from that, another new thing I did was to go out with my friends. FINALLY! I wasn’t able to go to Juci’s(mac&cheese day) and Chris’ houses(gameboard night) since we’re busy packing stuff. We went to the grove bazaar, just across tiende. Style bible was there and so are most of the fashionistas in the city. Juci and I tried some veggie/fruit smoothies while chris and niks had some gelatos. We also had a super long salestalk with the owner of V&M (mineral make up) and I thought each one of their products are worth of your money, unfortunately, I didn;t have money. Good thing they are opening stores in tiende and Robinson’s MAnila. I missed my friends so much and I missed going out. I’m glad I saw them today! On monday, we’ll be going to Lou’s place and surprise her (post-post-post-bday surprise with melo) and on friday, it will be gameboard night again at Chris’! Hopefully I could be there this time!

Tomorrow’s Sunday! YAY! Family day! I wonder where we would be going to hear mass. I wish we could go back to hearing mass in mega and also, see what happened to our house na. Mama told us naalis na pala yung bubong! I can’t wait for this whole renovation to finish!!!!!!!! Thank You God for this wonderful day! seeya tomorrow! pictures of the “new place” to follow. Goodnight!

curazee summer. curazee nails.

CURAZEE. I just love using that word, don’t I? I got it from one of my kabarkadas:JUCI. ANyway, I think that this whole summer is getting crazier and just unbelievably chaotic. I knew this wouldn’t be easy (transferring to an apartment to make way for house renovations). First you have to deal with architects to help you figure out a practical house layout/set up, then you have to talk to a lot of people like the president of the homeowners’ association and get your papers approved in order to get a building permit and all that, then you’d have to find men to transfer stuff to another place (which takes time, i swear) then you’d have to deal with so many more people. Renovations haven’t even started and yet we’re having trouble already. The truck that was supposed to bring the big furnitures to the apartment we’re transferring to didn’t even come so our tito, tita and cousin had to help out. I just feel for my parents. They’ve put so much time and effort in making everything easier na lang and the people that they’ve trusted haven’t been of much help lately.

Ayown,any-anyway, on the lighter side of things, I have finally painted my nails! After ten thousand years. Oh yes, the navy blue polish I’ve had since finals week (yes nung pasukan pa) have been replaced with red+nude nail polishes. I did the same to my fingernails. Awesome, but I really, really have to have steady hands while painting my nails because it almost always ends up in a disaster. Good thing it doesn’t really show naman from afar.

Squeaky clean nails.

4 colors I’ve been choosing from.

More news! Lately we’ve been having nightly rosary crusades, my whole family and I. I’m not sure why we didn’t just settle for the weekly novenas we used to do before because (not to sound really bad or anything), sometimes, I feel lazy to pray the Rosary let alone make it a part of our daily routines. Pero now that I’m getting used to it, I’m glad that I’ve finally starting to like it. But here’s something odd whenever we pray the Rosary. At first, diba, I feel so lazy, like dragging-my-butt-and-feet-lazy, pero right in the middle of praying, I would just feel like praying talaga! AS IN! I would have intentions per mystery pa. You know I have this thing of praying for so many things, not only for my selfish desires but also for the benefit of all the people around the world, the rich and especially the poor, the healthy and especially the sick, the same goes for those who have nowhere to go, nothing to eat, the souls in purgatory and many more. I hope you do yourself and all of us a favor and pray before you go to bed at night too. Pray for everyone! Here I am being melodramatic again. Anyway, lunch is waiting. TATA! Have a great day!

hello goodbye…

I’ll probably be on blog leave for a while since tomorrow, or should i say, later, we would be moving to an apartment to make way for the house renovations this summer. The estimated time for the whole renovation to finish is at least 3 months. I can just imagine the huge adjustments we need to make. No more late night internet surfing, no more privacy (since the three of us, sis and bro will be sharing a room until school starts and I go back to dorming again) and not to mention, no more huge space to accommodate my stuff!

This is why I did myself a favor and downloaded TONS of games and EBOOKS + a few AUDIOBOOKS (classic novels) to fight boredom and to achieve productivity! Now, I will get to watch the movies I haven’t had time to watch before. I will also probably have time to study my lessons to refresh my mind since I turned into a crazy couch potato again!

But since we have wireless broadbands, I think I will be able to go online from time to time to update. I will miss the internet and all that comes with it. Ciao!!! ‘Til we meet again!

P.S. here’s a picture of our room and the messy bags and boxes all over the place!